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Quality Assurance (QA) &
Software Testing Services

The best-in-class QA engineers at FutureOne Tech boost your software quality and make it highly marketable and revolutionary.

Types of Testing

Test Automation

Our methodologies for automated testing have changed over the last 10 years progressively. But the focus on quality is our fundamental principle. The team of competent specialists develops new QA solutions and frameworks to test industrial software. Our Center of Excellence works scrupulously on any business products.

We’re automating QA tests to reduce the time for software or app development result verification. As manual control takes considerably more time, test automation is hugely beneficial. Our QA professionals with honed skills perform unit, regression, functional, compatibility and stress testing repeatedly to spur greater results and achieve flawless program performance.

  • Selecting correct types of test cases to automate
  • Developing frameworks to meets strict requirements
  • Using scripting technologies for configuration changes
  • Executing and reviewing automated tests
  • Sharing data and handing over responsibilities

Functional Testing

This software testing is a quality assurance procedure to verify all specifications in terms of functionality. Its purpose is to examine and verify the outputs providing the appropriate inputs for the results to match the required ones. At FutureOne Tech, we use the Agile methods to optimize development and testing. Our team goes through the seven steps to guarantee top-level projects.

  • Determine all functions (a list)
  • Write functional test cases
  • Make inputs for each function
  • Feed the inputs
  • Examine the outputs
  • Match the received outputs with the desirable results
  • Make a precise report about problems and failures

Regression Testing

Regression testing checks if the fresh upgrades haven’t caused any negative influence on the previously written code. It focuses on the overall stability of functions in case any improvements or changes have been applied. It also aims at a minimal impact on product and costs. Doing regression tests, our QAs concentrate on the following processes:

  • Distinguishing and specifying all additional improvements
  • Rerunning every functional test case to inspect errors
  • Elaborating regression test strategies for the next changes
  • Performing impact analysis of accidentally introduced bugs
  • Reporting any effects or crashes

Compatibility Testing

The goal of this type of testing is to ensure that the product is compatible with different computing environments. At FutureOne Tech, we check smooth functioning, multi-platform and cross-device operational capacities and stability of a developed application or software. Our expert team uses modern tools, different browsers, OS and hardware to test products’ reliability, usability and performance. In case a specific instrument or server is unavailable in our digital lab, we acquire it instantly from our partners. Here’s what our QAs do during compatibility testing:

  • Choose the necessary device-OS-browser combination
  • Make a compatibility checklist and discuss it with project members
  • Generate platform-oriented test cases
  • Capture test case execution verdicts and execution logs
  • Build automated frameworks for nonstop compatibility testing

Our Platform Coverage

Desktop Applications

We have extensive experience in Desktop Applications development and testing using the most modern and advanced tools.

Web Applications

Our Center of Excellence team tests and verifies the functionality of products according to the agreed details, requirements & QA standards.

Mobile Applications

Still struggling with Responsive design? We can definitely help. Our QA experts can provide extensive testing using various devices.