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Platform Integration Services

In the digital era of today there’s an abundance of information, features and functions accessible in no time. At this rate, app integration or a custom API may be the wisest decision. FutureOne Tech is your reliable platform integration service provider for such tasks.

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Why Platform Integration

Development of unique components for your software or app is not recommendable due to several reasons. You might build a custom solution with your in-house team, but it’ll be a waste of time and money, in the first place. To get a highly-efficient and effortless solution, 3rd party integrations come into play. With their evolution, integration has become smooth and easy.

Platform Integration Examples

  • Customer Resource Management Systems – CRM

  • Billing Management Systems

  • Business Intelligence Tools

  • Logistics Live Tracking

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Social Media Integration

  • Ticketing Systems

  • Chat Integrations

Our Approaches

Interfacing through Service Calls

If platforms offer APIs, we merge system elements with our clients’ applications without changing the actual code.


Middleware Integration Services

FutureOne Tech’s platform integration engineers perform manual integration. In this case, an abstraction layer acts like an intermediary. Middleware layers establish firm connections between the 3rd party system and the client’s one.

Our Platform Integration Service

Security Interoperability

Seamless Integration

Loosely-coupled Integration

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