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Ecommerce Portal Development & Omni-Channel Support

FutureOne Tech offers cutting-edge and valuable omni-channel solutions for your clients to get a unified experience. We’ve created tens of omni-channels for businesses to drive their sales in the retail industry (our top strength).

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Omni-Channel B2B eCommerce Strategy – the New Normal

We design and develop customer-centric solutions for eCommerce strategies of startups, medium-size businesses and enterprises supporting them on every step. From ordinary e-stores to customization of online selling and buying cross-platform. We handle all requests for e-merchandising and brand-related content, give consultations and provide eCommerce web development services.

Omni-channel eCommerce approach includes:

  • B2B eCommerce & Marketplaces
  • Mobile Commerce Applications
  • Omnichannel Experience
  • Dedicated Brand Recognition
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Deployment across all Devices

Unification of Customer Experience

It’s crucial to grasp the distinction between “omni-channel” and “multi-channel”. With a multi-channel plan, you may sell via digital and physical touchpoints independently. Omni-channel is a synchronization and connection between all platforms and channels that you own: brick-and-mortar stores, web, mobile apps, etc. Omni-channel marketing helps you create a customer-driven retail experience.


Our Service Offerings

Online Auction
Procurement Management
Mobile Commerce
Social Commerce

Enhancement of Customer Experience

FutureOne Tech creates a backbone for your eCommerce effort and provides integration for a cohesive user experience via omni-channel.
UI/UX customization according to user behavior patterns
Higher integration level of cross-platform sales
Contextual offers with boosted mobile & social eCommerce
A hybrid digital-physical retail concept (360-degree) with a satisfying back-end solution

Our Focus on Retail


We strive for constant upgrades and improvements and lead you to the future with both horizontal and vertical scalability.


Every product undergoes a top-level quality control and an exhaustive testing procedure under FutureOne Tech’s warranty.


We authorize real time management: from the physical stock of items and ordering to packing, shipping and delivery. Clients get updated on any changes in the purchasing process and monitor it online.

Integration & Customer Requirements

Consistent and smooth integrational procedures to reach ideal solutions for specific client-oriented needs. We implement all-inclusive and thoroughgoing practices to link all aspects (payments, taxes, social media accounts, logistics, CRM and content management systems, analytical reports, etc.) and make appropriate communication between them.

360° Security

We host omni-channel eCommerce platforms on the safest servers. All processes are protected with trusted firewalls and safety protocols. FutureOne Tech makes use of the SSL certificates to encrypt the data and manages protection of hard-to-see corners in retail.