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Have you ever thought about optimizing car rental processes? Why not create a car rental app? It’ll make it easier for you to manage your car rental business properly and painlessly. Some entrepreneurs are still arranging rental orders either on paper or in an MS Office Word or Excel document. Wait, they must be using Google Drive by now.

By the time you read this article up till the end, an average eCommerce store owner will have got approximately $17.5 (in 5 minutes’ time). With the higher demand for shopping on the web, online sellers may get as much as $150,000 in revenue per month. But how to create a profitable store for your sails online and what determines the ultimate cost of eCommerce website development?

Can your clinic survive the digital competition without an app? Isn’t it burdensome for your personnel to handle snowballing appointments, with all cancellations and rearrangements?

Competitors (a heavy sigh)… Why should they bother you anyway? When was the last time you analyzed your competitors? If there was any at all? Scrolling their websites doesn’t count. Any thoughts on how to do competitor analysis well?

In 2022 more and more companies are switching to the remote work mode, going digital and moving to an app-first or app-only marketing strategy. No wonder that outsourcing app development is one of the key topics to talk about right now.

What digital changes should you face during the COVID-19 pandemic? Why should you consider investing in software development in the first place? What is the most profitable industry to invest in? These and other similar questions will be answered in the article.

Insource or outsource? Still hesitating between the two variants for your software development projects? One brief moment (well, ok, 2 minutes at most) and you will make an expert decision on what suits your product the most: insourcing or outsourcing software development.

“Digital transformation” is a phrase that often stirs the feelings of entrepreneurs. It is the hottest topic among businesses in their corporate agendas. They admit its striking effects, but struggle to develop a winning digital transformation strategy.