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Professional Back-End Development & Support

With our leading back-end development company, you get full security & high optimization. We also update legacy back-ends and offer smooth migrations to the cloud.

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Our Service Offerings

Backend Development

Backend Modernization

Cloud Migration

Our Back-End Services

User Management

We ensure various security levels & roles associated with them. Our best back-end developers deal with comprehensive visual user management features, authentication, registration, social login and more. Afterwards, our Center of Excellence engineers test safety & authorization levels.

API Integration

Working on multiple features & projects at the same time wouldn’t be possible without separation of concerns. Via REST API integration behind the scenes, our highly-experienced devs provide custom back-end web development and front-end solutions simultaneously.

Data Storage

At FutureOne Tech, we use cloud-based solutions to store data safely. It’s rather convenient to host and manage web application data in the cloud environment. The information is instantly accessible via cloud, with absolute security and scalability.

Messaging Services

With our professional real-time messaging service, we guarantee accuracy of notification delivery based on the status of the user, location, time and other relevant aspects for targeting your audiences. The highest success rates and safety protection are our main priorities.

Mobile Back-End

Push Notifications

User-oriented notifications are among the most useful tools for customer engagement. FutureOne Tech provides customization of push notifications for hybrid mobile app development solutions as well as native applications. With our profound tech stack, you get full access to in-depth analysis & comprehensive reports to monitor and adjust your further client engagement strategies.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

We provide a seamless authentication experience leveraging SSO – a cloud security technology to reduce all user application logins. Back-end clients don’t have to use several sets of credentials. Instead, they have permission to use one ID for accessing their numerous applications and systems. Once the user is initially authenticated, SSO gives access to many resources. Such logins are also possible via social media accounts. Additionally, we can develop and support biometric login flows in your applications.

Offline Data Access

Our experienced back-end development team automates application-level caching and enables nonstop data management. In this case, web and mobile systems may be managed offline 24/7.

Cloud Back-End Services

We implement backend-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions and offer you the benefits of the pay-per-use (PPU) model. BaaS has even more significant advantages. You can reduce the deployment time and get a bundled infrastructure with tailor-made SDKs & APIs.

Secure Solutions

At FutureOne Tech, data undergo full encryption, when being transmitted and stored. We take advantage of the best secure back-end protocols and follow strict rules about safety & privacy to prevent automated attacks. The tools we use comply with the back-end security regulations.

High Optimization

We make use of the best back-end optimization practices for high-speed access to data. Our reliable algorithms have inbuilt performance tests that help us scale resources both up and down dynamically. FutureOne Tech’s engineers can improve server response time by trustworthy, cutting-edge technologies with no negative influence on CPU performance.